enhance Employee Wellness with onsite Massage

Our massage therapists provide on-site therapeutic chair massage and with affordable options for companies, events and parties. 



We offer competitive pricing and program options. Whether employer or employee paid, we ensure affordable rates. We offer employer or employee paid massage options as well. Online Payment online is a convenient option as well. 

Discounts for non profits and recurring massage.



Programs + Volume

We can manage small or large events with 1-20 LMTS for a minimum of 2 hours. Whether it's a one-time event, party or a monthly-recurring program we handle the logistics.  Let us know how we can accommodate your wellness and event needs with onsite massage.


Online Scheduling

Life just got easier with online employee scheduling. Your organization can create online profiles and schedule their massages at their convenience.




Professional Services

Our Licensed Massage Therapists are highly trained in giving quality service. Elevate Chair Massage has high standards of practice and  professionalism that we bring to the office. We are on time, professional, and uniformed for each event. We love our job! 




The Classic Program is excellent for one-time events and provides numerous benefits to you and your employees. Please call us or email and we will set up a quote based on distance, and one time or ongoing events.

Employer Paid is our most popular program for companies rates start at $70 per therapist per hour. 

Employee Paid is a way for employees to access our services. A discount is applied, however if using a credit/debit card a fee of $2 is added to the total. 


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